How it works.

What is Instaoffer?

Instaoffer is the new way to buy a home. Instaoffer streamlines the entire home buying process. You can find your dream home on any listing websites such as, use our platform to make an offer and get the full commission refund. Unlike traditional buyer side agents which would make 2.5% commission fees. Instaoffer takes a flat fee of $5,000 and our buyers get the full commission refund.

Is it true that buyers don’t have to pay traditional agent commissions?

Buyer gets told all the time that they don’t have to pay their agent’s 2.5% commission. But just think about it for a second, where does the 2.5% commission fee come from? Balance of the purchase price. Who pays the balance of the purchase price? The BUYERS! At Instaoffer, we will give you your money back so you could use it towards your closing costs or even to renovate your dream home!

How is buying a home with Instaoffer different than using a traditional buyer agents?

The truth is that traditional agents spend the majority of their time finding new clients. Our buyers come to us, so our agents can focus on getting offers accepted and guiding buyers through the closing process. This focus allows us to provide better service at a discounted fee.

Can Instaoffer help with the paperwork?

Yes. Instaoffer will help you negotiate the ins and outs of the real estate purchase contract, you’re in luck. Instaoffer has experienced and licensed real estate professionals who will walk you through the contract and help you draft your offer, making sure everything is worded correctly and nothing is missing.

How does my offer get submitted to a seller's agent?

When you create an offer on our website, we'll assign you a dedicated buyer's agent who will help finalize your offer and create the offer contract. This agent will submit the offer to the seller's agent on your behalf and follow up with them consistently to get it accepted.

Is my offer going to get accepted if I work with Instaoffer?

In our experience, the highest and best offer always wins. Seller's agents like working with us because our buyers are qualified and our offers are clean, consistent, and include competitive, localized terms. And since our agents are focused on offers, they can provide a better experience to both buyers and seller's agents during the negotiation and closing process. To date, 100% of our offers have been accepted when our client had the best price and terms.

How do you handle counter offers?

Your Instaoffer agent will guide you through the counter offer process manually since this is a crucial step in the negotiations. We'll speak with both the seller's agent to gather information to get our clients the best chance at getting the offer accepted and our client to help prepare the right counter offer.

How do you handle the closing process (e.g. home inspections, mortgage applications, closing visits etc.)?

We coordinate the buyer's side of the closing process in partnership with the seller's agent, lawyers and mortgage brokers. We help our buyers with reviewing documents, scheduling home inspections and final closing visits, requests for repair, loan approvals—anything and everything that arises during the closing process.

Where does Instaoffer operate?

Instaoffer is headquartered in Toronto and operate throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We employ and partner with licensed professional in the local market. We plan to expand to other cities and provinces soon. Send us an email if you’re interested in having us come to your neighborhood. We’ll let you know when services are available in that area.